May also refer to: CD cover, Cover artwork design, Mixtape cover, Podcast cover.

Ever heard of the old wise saying never judge a book by it’s cover. It sounds like nice advice my grandma might give me but in reality we do indeed actually judge most everything by it’s initial appearance, especially music album covers!

by Brandon Miller

Album cover art play’s a major role in the discovery of your music and your band.Your band may create a great song but without an attractive Artwork it may go unnoticed.A good cover art is the one which describes your song’s and your Band’s  Story and feelings.And I as a graphic designer make sure that your song will stand out from the crowd in any Music marketplace or social media due to its attractive cover art design, which will bring your listeners to you and keep them coming back with each new release.

I have designed cover art’s for many EDM artists and Metal bands.I’m comfortable working with different design styles.You can see some of my work here.


Once you are happy with the quote, You will be asked to give as much  detail/ideas or reference you can about the  project.Then I’ll conduct more thorough creative research about you, your band, your design tastes and latest design trends of your genre.Armed with your creative input, I will provide you some general designs within 5 business days for your feedback.Once you have approved a final design, I prepare the final files for delivery.After the final payment is made, you will receive the final files in your email within 24hr.

Not sure what you want? then you can  check out my premade Cover art designs


Pricing depend on many variants like the style and details of the work, the time taken to complete the project.It’s really hard to tell the price without knowing what you exactly want.But to just give you an idea my design prices  start from just $50 and then  depends upon the work details.but you can be sure you are getting a great value for your design project.

Have any questions? check out my FAQ page.

*A 50{d9c4645f12294b42502d75faf6e24fa795ba47988115639d61dea632b216a9cb} deposit is required to begin all projects.Rest due upon completion.

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